Sexy Little Vintage , is based in Los Angeles California and offers a pre-owned, 100% authentic collection of vintage designer bags and small clutches.

We support sustainable fashion. Most of our pieces have been restored and conditioned, without creating extra waste to the world and bringing to light iconic fashion pieces.

We hope to extend the legacy of luxury designer timeless pieces to our customers for a lifetime.

All of our pre-owned luxury vintage pieces have been authenticated by our in-house experts. We select our items exclusively through a network of trustworthy and honest second-hand sources and wholesalers that guarantee every single piece is 100% authentic, genuine and vintage collectible.

To complete and add functionality to these timeless pieces, we design and create handcrafted unique bag straps and accessories. All of our accessories are created using high quality materials and exclusive handmade honey patinas, matching the vintage look and feel of pre-owned designer handbags.


Shira's professional career started in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she graduated with a Bachelor degree in Fashion Design. Her entrepreneurial spirit allowed her to open up her own clothing companies, No Rutina and Paris Chance, clothing brands that quickly gained popularity around the whole of the South America region.
While traveling the world for fashion trends, research, and inspiration she felt drawn to Los Angeles and a few years later she moved to America were Sexy Little Vintage was born. Shira's passion of collecting vintage designer handbags and her background for expressing
quality fashion and uniqueness at an affordable price made a perfect combination for Sexy Little Vintage to became popular in the e-commerce fashion world.